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Terms of sale

1 - Rates

Our rates include:
· The putting at disposition of the vehicle.
· The assurance any risks with franchising(frankness)
· The maintenance of the vehicle.
· The VAT current.
. Helmet and anti-theft device.

Our rates do not include:
· The consequences of the offences against the Highway Code, including the fines raised in case of irregular car park.
. These rates are valid in Metropolitan France according to the availability of vehicles.
. Our rates are subjected to the general and particular conditions of rental agreements APOLO CYCLES.
. The prices and the rates of VAT can be modified without advance notice.

2 - Insurances

The rented vehicle is assured:
· The Tenant declares to be assured in civil liability "private life" the guarantee of which is spread to the practice of the cycling out of competition.
· In theft deduction made by the franchising of the category of the vehicle registered on the contract.
· In fire and in damages consecutive to a disaster with a contractual franchising registered on the contract if there is sinister responsible or without identified third party.

Attention, are excluded:
· The damages caused in the low parts of the vehicle.
· The damages caused to pneumatics  not consecutive to a disaster.
· The damages lower than the franchising.
· The repairs and the expenses of repatriation stay chargeable to the tenant when his responsibility is engaged.
· The damages in the vehicle are not assured in case of drink-driving.

3 - Required conditions

· Payment of a deposit of guarantee by check card equal to the amount of the franchising theft contracted.
· Prepayment of amounts estimated by the rent.

4 - Documents to be supplied (the same name, same address)

For a private individual:
- Credit card.
· Identity cards.
· The deposit of guarantee will be necessarily settled by the tenant signer of the contract.

For a company:
· Check for the deposit of guarantee.
· Dated and signed Order form indicating the approved driver.
· Extracts K-bis of less than three months.

5 - Restoration - desolation

. These rates apply only with return to the agency of departure. The desolation and the restoration of the vehicle in another agency are strictly forbidden.
. Any repatriation will be chargeable to the tenant.
. The restoration of the vehicle must be made during the opening hours of the agency.
. Every vehicle restored outside opening hours lives under the responsibility of the tenant.
. A franchising of supplementary 59 minutes is granted. Beyond this one, a supplementary day will be charged.
. Any complement to fuel will be charged to the price current at APOLO CYCLES at the time of the return of the vehicle.

6 - Territorial validity

. It is strictly forbidden to take out the vehicle outside the European Union.
.The general conditions of rent APOLO CYCLES are available for consultation in agency.

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